1. How many branches of SIAMGEMS Heritage are there? Where are they located?

Answer: SIAMGEMS Heritage only operates one store at 234 Pradit Manutham Rd., Nualchan, Bungkum

2. How can I get to the SIAMGEMS Heritage store?

Public Transport
1) Use a metered taxi. Call +66 2949 9500 to ask for directions that you can provide to the driver.
2) Airport Rail Link train. Get off at Ramkamhaeng Station (see www.srtet.co.th for more details on Airport Rail Link service) and flag down a metered taxi for a 30-minute ride to SIAMGEMS Heritage.

3. How can I contact SIAMGEMS Heritage?

Answer: SIAMGEMS Heritage can be reached via these channels:
Phone – +66 2949 9500 / Fax: +66 2949 9520
Email: front@siamgemsheritage.com

4. Are SIAMGEMS Heritage products under warranty?

Answer: All jewellery items sold by SIAMGEMS Heritage are covered by our standard warranty.

5. What services does SIAMGEMS Heritage offer?

Answer: SIAMGEMS Heritage offers the following services:
– Personal Shopping Assistant to offer counsel and advice on jewellery and gemstone products
– Jewellery adjustment and gemstone replacement
– On-site delivery

6. Is on-site delivery available?

Answer: SIAMGEMS Heritage offers an on-site delivery service.

7. Can I obtain a refund or ask for a replacement if the product is not satisfactory?

Answer: In case of customer dissatisfaction in any product or accessory purchased from SIAMGEMS Heritage, customers can return the product (in normal condition) under the following terms: