SIAMGEMS Heritage presents the following tips to ensure that your jewellery will always remain beautiful.


Avoid forceful or grating contact with metallic or other solid objects as well as perfumes, sprays, lotions, alcohol, seawater, brackish water, hair dye, detergent, and other chemicals to prevent harmful chemical reactions on the jewellery item’s surface.

Do not wear the item while taking a bath, washing clothes, doing housework, playing sports, swimming, or playing in the sea.

After wearing, clean each piece with room-temperature water mixed with a small amount of dishwasher liquid. Avoid using soap due to the possible presence of fat. Use of a soft cleaning brush is an option, followed by a final wash with clean water. Wipe down and leave to dry, then store the piece within a zip-lock bag. Avoid using hot water or hot air as heat may cause the metal in the piece to expand and dislodge the mounted gems.

If the jewellery item has been in contact with significant amounts of sweat, make sure it is cleaned after every use. If left uncleaned, the sweat may cause a chemical reaction that degrades the item’s surface.

Avoid wearing jewellery items constantly without taking them off in order to preserve their condition.

By following these tips, your favorite jewellery pieces will remain as beautiful as the day they were made while also lasting you through many years. One key reason why a jewellery item loses its luster is the accumulation of fat from the wearer’s skin as a thin, filmy layer on its surface. By washing the piece after each use as suggested above, you can restore the piece to its full, glittering glory.