The Heavenly Bird of Siam was inspired by the mythology of the sacred bird, the Phoenix, which has been written about in different countries around the world. The ancient Egyptians believed that it is a sacred bird associated with the God of Fire as it has red to yellowish gold feathers and a beautiful, music-like chirping sound. According to the ancient Greeks, the Phoenix is the symbol of resurrection and immortality while the Chinese believe that it is a ‘Fire Swan’ and represents femininity or the ‘Yin’ force. For Thais, the ‘Wayupak” bird is believed to feed on air and flies high among the clouds. Its chirp is so beautiful that those who heard it would stop momentarily to admire the sweet sound.

These stories became the source of inspiration in designing the Heavenly Bird of Siam, a jewelry masterpiece proudly created by SIAMGEMS HERITAGE for its 56th anniversary of continued success alongside Thailand’s growing economy. Set in 18K gold, the beautiful necklace is made up of a stunning 10.03-carat ruby at its center surrounded by 28.6 carats of some 200 ones and 9.26 carats of diamonds in total. The necklace is valued at 38.8 million Thai Baht. Designed with versatility in mind, the Phoenix pendant is detachable and can be worn separately as a brooch. This beautiful piece of jewelry is not only impressive in quality, but also holds an auspicious meaning of a bright and prosperous future for its owner.